LA TH E CUT   RE cO DI   NGS                         A             A  H    C  T               C d RS       S                                        A      A         C CDR           D           HERESEE                           V


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AUGUST 13,2012

Nautical Almanac, The form in which you cast the world. Rectangle Optical Lathe edition of 30 $20

Twig Harper, Untitled, Freeform Picture Lathe. Edition of 12. $25



Twig Harper, Untitled, Collage & Lathe cut on 12" Video Disc. Edition of 4. SOLD OUT


Twig Harper, Untitled, Collage & Lathe cut on 10" Vintage Paper Laquer. Edition of 4. SOLD OUT


Nautical Almanac, Fuzzy Genes.  Rectangle Picture Disc Lathe edition of 17 $20


Nautical Almanac, Imaginati 1 & 2. Lathe cut on Paper laquer from 1942. Edition of 20. $10
Nautical Almanac, Imaginati 3 & 4. Lathe cut on Paper laquer from 1942. Edition of 20. $10

 (these are 2 different editions)


Row Row Row Your Boat: Carly Ptak, Carson Garhart, Daniel Higgs, Natalie Mering, Twig Harper. Rectangle Picture Lathe edition of 17. $20


Twig Harper, Double Offset 2, Freeform Lathe cut on clear Acrylic w/ 2 holes. Edition of 20 SOLD OUT. NO IMAGE AT THIS TIME










May 10, 2010

Twig Harper "By Twig Harper" 12" lathe picture disk.edition of 12 $SOLD OUT

Nautical Almanac "Plastic Shaman Hut" 7" square picture disk, edition of 15 $SOLD OUT

Nautical Almanac "Love All ways" 7 1/2" square picture disk, edition of 16 $SOLD OUT




Twig Harper 



Twig Harper "Music for Higher Dimensional Consciousness" CDR $5 

  Designed to be listened to with headphones and concentrated focused intention for inner musical guidance of the higher worlds. A re-tuning into the human vibratory space and time machine. 



Twig Harper "Possible Last Unknowns" CDR  $5  A nice collection of newest developemental approaches toward a new complex music language. multidemeonsional meta-psychic electronics, multitracked tape loop jitter bugs, chops at the ole chop house, reprocessed lathecuts of the past redirected onto the present and other nonlocal mindsets. Pure love for those fractureing duality, confusion and misinterpritation to the rest. 5 tracks 41minutes.  $5dollars SOLD OUT

Twig Harper "Inner Alchemy / Electric Water"  mini CDR $5Taking on the external elements and processing them within: feild recordings of water, water, water and more water..then shoved thru the twigstock electric mind. Hydrophones, streams, buckets, drips, phasing, electronics, processing, mystic moods. one track 20+minutes of metabolic transportation. $5dollars SOLD OUT

 Twig Harper "Magicians Bag of Illusions" plexiglass lathecut $25.  Classic stage tricks within, loops, circles, pulling yer wool, non-linear lathecutting or just sounds that appear to be, or maybe both.... somebudy pulled out the stops on this one, each one of these onesided clear plexi records has a different collage from vintage stage magicians catalogs. Cut on the edge so that each one may behave differently for you, start your journey in the groove. Only a handful of these left, edition of 20. SOLD OUT

 Twig Harper "." Lathecut Dubplate $25. Cut on newhigh quality 10" dubplates, each one with detailed golden inked hand drawn cover, more body dissolving sounds abound and around. What else do I need to say. Very few left, edition of 16. $25dollars  SOLD OUT

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T. Harper        "The Last Human Alive"    inBetween the disappearance of the Last (O)ne and the fliped sided Haze Mirror, exists a relm made of these things. They are here twice sided, on this here high qualiti fat Dubplate, edge skree formations included, all thought, always, within dissapperance of one fixed speed frequencie depths from feild recording of bolivian  jungle insects and the 4th demonsional beings they create in uni-son. Playback is your choosing. Other flip of this the last breaths of this Human ity smacked with hard signal phasedepth toe teaing, thumpopoping to scrapey rub amplified mouth bow. This side pushed to edge to end, The Last Human Alive.  Housed in Large Plastic Videodisk Case, Hazed Mirrored and Circle One representational graphics.    Lathedubplate 10"   edition of 9       $SOLD OUT

Twig Harper   " Black Light White Hole "  Standing at the edge of time and space spins the Black Light, shining inverse swallowing everything in its path, the White Hole sits on the other side creating matter that folds back into the Black Light. This form is traveling in between these spots these grooves on the circle platter vibration disk, offered to you.  A full frontal pulsing momentum spews and drips,  takes hold of the listener and offers glimpses held deep within. I challenge you that I will teach you, by mail, in one lesson, the simplest, shortest method all for $1.00. No telepathy. You can read one's mind to a dot, by only looking in the eyes of partner, chum, sweetheart, etc. Praised by New York, Boston, Montreal, Police Chiefs, colleges, Thurston; Blackstone, etc. If Fake, let them arrest me.                 Lathedubplate 10"    edition of  13      $SOLD OUT