new lathe releases august 13 2012


Updated catalog of what we have available as of 12/11

LP's are $15. CD's and Cassettes are $5. VHS $10

WONDER NOW LP carly ptak

Intuitive American Esoteric LP Twig Harper

Cover The Earth Nautical Almanac (Max Eisenberg era) LP

Little Howlin' Wolf Brave Nu World LP(Just found! In short supply! no printing on back of lp cover!)

Little Howlin Wolf Cool Truth CD

Lightbulb Live: First Show CD

Lexie Mountain Boys CD

PCPCG (chiara giovando & carly ptak ca 2001)(only 2 avail) Cassette

Nautical Almanac 1994-2003 VHS

Memorial Day 2000 VHS


September 2010

 Intuitive American Esoteric vol 3 by Twig  Harper LP edition of 200

May 10.2010:

New lathe cuts from Twig Harper and Nautical Almanac

Dece,ber 10th 2009:

"SPIRIT MESSAGES from the other side of that mystical door to the room at the top of your mind is Reptilian Masters" by Twig Harper 10" Lathecut

Nautical Almanac "M.M.M." Lathecut 12"

"MISSION EARTH" by Twig Harper lathecut 12" 


June 30th 2009 New Releases:

Twig Harper "Music for Higher Dimensional Consciousness" CDR $5

Twig Harper "Possible Last Unknowns" 

Twig Harper "Inner Alchemy / Electric Water " 

Twig Harper "Magicians Bag of Illusions" Plexiglass Lathecut 

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