T. Hill Esoteric Library

As we change and move t.H.e.l. we need help building new walls and shelves. Please contact us to donate money, skills or time!!

Thank you for contributing to T.H.E.L.

T.H.E.L. is a nonprofit organization and all donations go toward maintaining the library.

Donate Books and Media

We gladly accept books and DVD's in all esoteric areas including but not limited to: Spirituality, Healing Arts, Occult Science, Indigineous Cultures and Shamanism, , Cults, Ancient Studies, Conspiracy, Astrology, Free Energy, Alchemy, Survival Skills, Vibrational Energy, Tarot and Divination, Mysterious Phenomena, Metaphysics, Energy Medicine, Alchemy, UFO's, New Age, Sacred Sexuality, Alternative Religions and Philosophy, and Herbal and Plant Medicine.

We are looking to start a Tarot Deck Section and need Tarot Decks!

We also accept DVD's, LP's, CD's, and cassettes relating to these areas.

We do not accept fiction, gender studies, or art world books and reserve the right to dispose of any donated material we find inappropriate for our collection. All such items will be donated to The Book Thing.

We have special section in the library for handmade books, comics and zines. This section stays in the library and also accepts donations.

If you are interested in lending us items from your collection we will do this as well. Each item will be marked with your name and catalogued, if you ever wish to retrieve this item you are welcome to it. We will do the best we can to preserve your items, but cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Donate Non Media Items

We accept donations of delicious coffee for the espresso machine!

We heat only with wood and need donations of seasoned firewood for our large woodstove.

We may be able to use your large solid bookshelf. Please contact us if you have one. We also could use some clean couches.

Donate Money

All monetary donations (and late fees) will be put toward the purchase of items for the library such as bookshelves or wood for the woodstove; donations will also go toward the purchase of new books and media. There are no positions payed to upkeep the library in any way. If you are interested in making a donation please contact us by email.

If you would like to purchase media directly for the library we maintain a wishlist located at the bottom of this page. Just order it and have it shipped to our address.

Donate Time

The library runs entirely on donated time and we welcome volunteers. There are many ways to donate time to T.H.E.L. Occasionally we need people to open the library on Sundays, if you are interested in doing this please let us know.

If you visit the library and would like to help with cleaning or organizing let the manager on duty know and they will give you something to do.

If you are interested in hosting or giving a lecture or screening please contact us by email with details.


The I Ching or Book of Changes We are looking for all different types of translations and books related to the I Ching.

The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and The Source Family by Isis Aquarian, Electricity Aquarian, and Erik Davis (Paperback - Oct 2007)

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants Ethnopharmacology and Its ApplicationsBy Christian Rätsch
Foreword by Albert Hofmann ISBN-13: 978-0-89281-978-2
ISBN: 0-89281-978-2


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