T. Hill Esoteric Library

Library Policies

Please read carefully.


To check out a book you first need to read and sign an agreement form with your up to date contact information. This policy states the necessity of returning books to the library.

The maximum amount of books to be checked out is three per person at any time.

The check out period is one month.

If you do not live in baltimore and visit the library you are allowed to check out one item and return it by mail. All other policies apply.

Books returned after one month will be charged $1 per week. This is the same whether it is one day or seven days, and the same for each week thereafter. All late fees are put toward the purchase of new books.

If a book is more than two months late it will be considered lost or stolen. If you have lost a book it is your responsibilty to replace this exact book with a copy in as good or better condition. You can find just about any used book at abebooks.com. Your borrowing priviledges will be suspended until you replace the book.

If the book is unavailable or irreplacable then you will be charged a fee commensurate with the book.

If you steal books you will get what you deserve.

If you return a book in damaged condition it is your responsibility to repair or replace it.

All handmade zines, comics, and reference books stay in the library. No exceptions.
DVD's, LP's, CD's, and Cassettes

The Media check out period is 2 weeks.

All other policies are the same as for books.


The library is currently closed until further notice. If you have materials to return please put them in the mail slot or knock on the door and see if we are here!

The library is open each Sunday from 12-4. Please come to the side entrance during this time. The library may also be open at other times for special events.


The book return slot is open 24/7. It is located behind the front gate to the left of the doors. If your book does not fit into the slot please leave it in the box behind the planter on the other side of the slot and place a note through the slot to let us know it is there.

You may also return items by USPS.


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