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T. H.E.L. is open to the public!


Please note the library is closed until further notice as we build new shelves and construct a new area for consciousness research. We hope to have the library back open by April 2013.

Our book and media collection are available for rental and perusal during library hours. We also host lectures, workshops and screenings. Our mission is to stimulate discussion between areas of esoteric knowledge both old and new. We welcome patrons, donations, and proposals for events. Please join us as we continue to investigate the far reaches of knowledge and experience!

Our library is completely nonprofit and is maintained by private donations only. If you are interested in borrowing or donating please visit the appropriate page.



The sauna is closed. Take a cold bath!


Lots of new books have arrived! Donations, purchases and free books! Check out some of the examples below!


T.H.E.L. has a special section for handmade books and comics. We do not check these out but are happy to provide an archive of special material for our library guests. Please send us your homemade books, zines, and comics.


The T. Hill Esoteric Library has thousands of members in the form of WORMS and BEES! Our worm bin is a living section of the library, if you would like to see how a worm compost bin operates stop by during library hours. We would be happy to give you a tour of the poop factory and answer any questions you might have. The bees are not as accessible, but if you are very interested we can show you the hive.


The library is open every Sunday from 12-4. Enter in the alley door. Email or call 410 945 7825 to make sure we are open on any particlar Sunday.


Upcoming schedule

Library closed until further notice as we build the new shelves and flotation area!




New Arrivals


Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture by Cristopher Bucklow. Forty Press, 2008.

-Large fancy book including art, interviews and 2 cds.

Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi, translated by A.E. Waite. Weiser, 1991 edition.

-A classic which outlines the principals and theories that underline magical work.

Dynamics of Time and Space, Transcending Limits on Knowledge, Tarthang Tulku, Dharma Publishing, 1994.

-This book challenges our persistent attempts to be the owners of knowledge and invites us instead to join in th eplay of knowledge that informs all appearance.

LSD Psychotherapy, Stanislav Grof, M.D., Hunter House Publishing, 1980.

-From the man who developed Holotrpic Breathwork come as account of the therapeutic use of LSD in controlled studies.

Opening to Channel, How to Connect With Your Guide, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, H J Kramer Inc, 1987.

-Detailed techniques and instructions for connecting with your guides.

Hindustani Music, It's Physics and Aesthetics, G. H. Ranade, Popular Prakashan, 1939.

-Printed in India, this book approaches Hindustani music in many ways.

The Atman Discovery, An Unperceived Revolution, John E. Whiteford Boyle, Wheat Forders, 1997.

-A disciple of Aldous Huxley discusses Great Religions and the metaphsyical significance of quantum physics and analytical psychology.

time, Rhythm and repose, Marie-Louise von Franz, Thames and Hudson, 1978.

-An inspiring book full of pictures of the forms of time.


The Big Picture, DVD, 2008.

It's sort of like the Zeitgeist movie, but different.

Earth Groove, Pandit Prannath: The Voice of Cosmic India. LP

-Side One is Raaga Bhoopali, which has the mood of a meditation for after sunset. The other side is Raaga Asavari, which is for meditation after sunrise.

Recordings made in Huilotita, Jalisco, Mexico in 1944 by Henrietta Yurchenco and issued by the Library of Congress Archive of American Folk Song series disc #94. CD






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